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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Inmates Have Taken Over

I have decided to take a bit of a different tack. With all of the political wrangling currently going on, I feel compelled to put voice to some of my thoughts on the situation as it affects the writing I am currently doing for publication. The new book is a prediction of what would happen if the Islamic world decided to do an attack on Western Civilization, and the current political climate in the USA has a huge bearing on how we are perceived. I cannot believe the stupidity of the American people. They take everything said by the talking heads on the TV news as gospel. People don't seem to realize the networks only put on the side of the story they want you to see. They only tell the side that promotes their agenda and demonize any person or idea that differs. If you are a liberal, you are one of the blessed: if conservative, you are evil. God help America! The inmates have taken over the asylum. No wonder we are regarded so increduously by the rest of the world. The Obama administration and its effects on the economy and its refusal to enforce immigration laws is beyond my comprehension. Having lived 73 years through all sorts of government debacles, one would think I would have a better grasp of the situation than most, and I hope I do. A president who deliberately scoffs at the laws he has sworn to uphold is unconscionable. My father fought to have the USA be a free and safe country, but I see how our government has become the citizens of the country's worst enemy. This is not all Mr. Obama's fault, though he has compounded the problem. The blame goes to Congress and the Supreme Court as well as to the Presidency. I firmly believe we need to revamp the entire system so that can no longer happen. More on this later.

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